Patriotic Guided Tours of our US Capital

It’s exciting to know that, on a nearly year-round basis, you can take your family on a guided tour of Washington, DC, our US Capital and a fascinating city to visit. This is a good city for families to visit as it teaches children how our government works and there are dozens of interesting things to see and do.

Guided tours of Washington DC can be walking tours, driving tours or a combination of both. In many cases, because traffic can be difficult around the capital, it pays to spend most of your time on a guided walking tour. As you may know, most aspects of central Washington DC are centered on a large rectangular “mall” with places to visit throughout. Pick a spot and follow through from there.

Perhaps you’ll want to start out at our nation’s capital building. It’s a busy place where you may be able to view the places where the Senate and the House of Representatives meet and make our laws. Most guided tours will show you specific points of interest, including interesting architecture, paintings and statues.

The Smithsonian Institute lies in several buildings on either side of the capital building. On guided tours of these areas, you may wish to pick the buildings and areas you think you and your family will like the most. Perhaps you will choose the Air and Space Museum. You’ll see old rockets, space suits, famous airplanes and even a planetarium show. Kids love this museum and adults get a chance to be kids for a change.

The Holocaust Museum is tucked away along the south side of the mall and it’s not as easy to see; however, many guided tours of the area will show you the way. This museum is a must-see event that will teach you and your children a great deal about what so many people suffered through.

As you walk along the mall, the large obelisk, the Washington Monument looms as the center point in the mall. Guided tours of Washington DC often stop here. To the South, you’ll see the Jefferson Memorial and, to the North, you’ll see the White House. While the lines may be long, you can often get in to see a guided tour of the inside of the White House.

Further down on the mall are the Vietnam Memorial Wall, a striking design that moves nearly every one who sees it. Guided tours of the area will also take you to the newer memorial to World War II veterans. If you come at the right time of the year, usually in early to mid-spring, you can see the cherry blossoms in full bloom along both sides of a rectangular, shallow reflecting pool. In wintertime, however, the pool is drained.

None of the guided tours of Washington DC will let you miss the Lincoln Memorial with its famous statue of the seated Abraham Lincoln. From the top of its steps, you can see the entire mall in all its glory.

If you’re on one of the guided tours of Washington DC that has a driving component, they’ll probably take you to see Arlington Cemetery, where many famous people have been buried. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, also called the Tomb of the Unknowns. As a way to finish the trip, drive by the massive Pentagon to see how huge it is how many people work there.

Get Lower Back Pain Relief After Knowing Its Cause

Your back is such a big area, and the pain could be in any part. But the severity of the pain has nothing to do with the damage you have suffered. A small strain, can give you unbearable pain. A big muscle-wound may not do much of the damage.

Your back is a long rectangular park. Many body parts are covered under its flat area. Any disturbed area can generate pain. Plus, there are many parts of the spinal anatomy which can cause a great amount of pain!

In the lower portion of the back, there is a cluster of nerve roots that go to the arms and legs. Any irritation there causes lower back pain. It is usually due to the irritation in the smaller nerves that innervate the spine in the lower portion of the back. Muscles may be strained. There could be injuries of joints, bones, ligaments and inter-vertebral discs that may cause you severe lower back pain.

The causes of lower back pain are at times difficult to understand and yet you experience it. When pain is there, it has to be treated as such. It is only you that can think about the immediate cause that has preceded your back pain. Is it due to wrong posture while you were sleeping? Is it due to an uneven bed? Is it due to heavy work pressure you are facing these days or long time sitting or standing job?

Whatever the reason may be, keep in mind that you cannot start taking over-the-counter medications just because you have pain in the lower backside. These hard medications can create more problems to your existing troubles.

Some types of back pains are capable of creating a surgical emergency. You need to adopt such procedures only based on your doctor’s recommendations. They are:

1. Sudden bowel and bladder inconsistency
2. Step-by-step increasing weakness
3. Sudden and severe pain in the abdomen and lower back
4. Back pain due to muscle strain.

Regular exercise and regulated diet habits are the permanent solutions to back pains. Always understand the reasons for your back pain and go ahead with the consistent treatment. Any odds and treatments that are not methodical will only aggravate your lower back pain.

What Men Want from Women: 5 Hot Needs of Your Spouse

Sometimes, relating with men could be difficult because of their psychological nature in terms of response to interpersonal relationships. This often reflects in the way they want things done in their love affairs, thus the need to know what men want from women.

As a woman, if you will ever be able to enjoy a sound relationship with men, you must know their innate desires. Knowing what men want from men is a love relationship with men.

To some extent, men do have the same desires and thoughts. However, when you consider the masculine nature, you would realize that there are common points in what men want from women.

So, the following tell of what men want from men, and they are what will make women who follow such things their favourites.

1. Love:

men want love. This is a basic need of men – the desire to be loved. They want affection. When he comes back from work, having had a hard time, he wants to rest in a woman’s arms. He wants to be the ‘child’ who seeks the loving care of his mother.

Soothe him with care. Touch him affectionately. Let him lie on the sofa with his head on your laps while you stroke his hair. Give him warmth. The more you show him love, the more you enjoy your relationship.

Men feel loved, connected and adored through sex… therefore, regular sex is essential

2. Character:

men want women of good personalities. No man can put up with an ill-mannered woman. Be well-behaved. Show adequate courtesy in your interactions with people. There are three things that should not be far from your speech as follow.

i. I’m sorry. Pardon me.
ii. Please
iii. Thank you
Build your character. Deal with your weaknesses.

3. Respect:

naturally, men have ego. Boost it with respect. Take him as the head; respect him. Men do not want women who are obsessed with the idea of gender equality. That often causes marital problems. Although you are mates in love, you should give him recognition and honour. He will reciprocate it.

4. Cleanliness:

be neat; be clean. Take good care of yourself. Bad odor in your body or in the home repels men. You will forfeit intimacy with him. Good personal hygiene is important. It is actually difficult for woman to keep her vagina clean than penis. Be careful while demanding cunnilingus or analingus.

5. Beauty:

this is a relative term since beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Generally, men like women who are attractive. If you take care of your body and dress well, you will be attracted to men. Be moderate in your appearance. Responsible, gentlemen who have marriage in mind wouldn’t vote for you if you dress almost nude. That suggests to them that you are likely going to be vulnerable to infidelity since you look seductive.

The above are just a few of what men want from women. They cannot be overemphasized. Many relationships have broken up because of the lack of knowledge of such things on the part of women.


Yes, that’s very important. You should not enquirer about his everyday activities. If you ask too much he may feel that you are ‘interrogating’ him. Men sometimes like to move away from concious world and get completely lost. This is typical male behavior and there is nothing abnormal in it. Just respect it…