Insightful Guided Tours of the Holocaust

There are few guided tours of Europe more poignant than a tour of the major sites of the Holocaust—the extermination of millions of people in the 1930s and 1940s. Tours such as this actually exist for the traveler who wants to see a side of European contemporary history that is rarely available to the average traveler.

Guided tours involving Holocaust sites often begin in Amsterdam as many flights from the US end up there first. In Amsterdam, you can visit the historic Anne Frank house that has been turned into a museum of related artifacts. You can also visit the Corrie Ten Boom House, where a Dutch family hid many refugees from German rule. Corrie Ten Boom was featured in the book she wrote, The Hiding Place, which was eventually turned into a movie.

The next logical stop on your tour is the Westerbork Transit Camp and later on, the Bergen-Belsen Concentration camp. Anne Frank died of typhus there and over 50,000 others died there as well. Guided tours of this area will show you what these people went through and will provide you with detailed information about the site’s history.

If you don’t want to visit Holocaust watch the video below for amazing experience.

Many guided tours of Holocaust areas will show you the Wannsee Villa where the decision to exterminate the Jews was made. The villa is located in Berlin, which is also the site of the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Your tour guide will likely take you to both places in Berlin.

While in Germany, you’ll see the Buchenwald camp in Weimar. Besides Jewish prisoners, many political prisoners, Communists and those involved in medicine and the arts were imprisoned there and used for slave labor. Buchenwald was one of the few concentration camps that existed on German soil. It’s a poignant visit but one worth seeing.

Next, many guided tours will take you to Krakow, Poland. You’ll visit the Treblinka train station, one of the few remnants left of the death camp. Treblinka was one of three death camps in which no one actually lived there and all prisoners sent to the camp were killed. On a lighter note, you can see the original “Shindler’s Factory” where some laborers were treated considerably better than their counterparts.

Not a single one of the guided tours devoted to the Holocaust would miss a visit to the infamous Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps. Many areas of these camps have been destroyed as they were a poor reminder of the horrible things that happened there but there are several sites left to see and to think upon.

By this time, many travelers on guided tours of the Holocaust run the risk of being depressed by what they’ve witnessed. For this reason, as the tour winds southward again, a stop in Prague, in the Czech Republic, might be a good idea. It’s a beautiful city with castles and lovely architecture to see and explore.

While in the Czech Republic, many guided tours related to the Holocaust will take you to the site of the village of Lidice and the memorial there. It was the site where, in 1942, all male residents of the village were massacred and the remaining villagers were deported before the village was destroyed in its entirety.

Camp Mauthausen in Austria and Dachau in Germany will round out most guided tours involving the Holocaust. Both are infamous camps and are a big part of the history the Holocaust has to show the people of today.

Free Diet Plans that Sets you Free

A diet plan doesn’t always mean that you have to lose weight with it. Firstly, the meaning of the word “diet” as listed in is a noun- “food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition and its effects on health.” Simply based on that, one has to consider his or her health when considering a diet.

Diet doesn’t mean you have to take the same foods for a certain period of time to lose weight. A person on a diet will be able to stick to it if the kinds of foods included in diet are easier to find, easier on the eye and seem more normal to eat than something from a hard and fast list of foods that are defined to be eaten at certain times of the day. It’s also easier to stick to a diet if one decides on the onset that this is the new way he or she will have to eat. One has to find the fun in it and enjoy each bite as one would eat a sizable meal.

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It is to be expected that the first few weeks will be the most difficult part. Our body adapts to the change it is undergoing and there are going to be quite quirky reactions and effects. But once the body settles down to its new eating pattern, it’s going to be a piece of cake. It will be second nature.

Is It Safe to Follow a Very Low Calorie Diet plan?

The common tendency of people is that they would rather find a solution to their problem quickly than safely. Weight gain continues to be an issue for many people out there and they are turning towards very low calorie diet plan for a solution. While this plan is very effective and probably the best way to lose weight, it is not safe to say that this plan is advisable for everyone.

When your body is used to burning more calories every day, it is not advisable to suddenly lower the amount of calorie as the metabolism slows down. A very low calorie diet plan is equal to starvation and when you do not give the body what it wants, you start to feel tired, depressed and sometimes even stressed. You might lose some weight initially but after a while you will go back to your regular diet and thereby start gaining weight back quickly.

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The important thing to understand here is that it does not matter how much you eat but what you eat does matter. It is a very bad idea to put your body through this kind of diet plan as it will only teach you that there is not shortcut for healthy weight loss.

European Golf Destinations For Family Holidays – The best

Golf holidaying with a family presents its own special challenges. Keeping non-golfers in the family happy and feeling like they are having a real holiday, while at the same time getting your fill of golf, is worth that bit of extra travel planning. The following European golf resort holiday destinations are perfect for family holidays.

Central Algarve
Central Algarve, with its beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and exceptional golf courses, is one of Europe’s top golfing destinations. Resorts such as Vilamoura, Quinta do Lago, and Vale do Lobo, and Vilamoura offer much more than golf and will provide non-golfers with all the holiday variety they would expect from a first-class resort. At Quinta do Lago, a 2,000-acre exclusive residential and recreational estate, you have countryside and pine forests, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Ria Formosa nature reserve as your playground, plus 72 holes of golf. Horse riding and tennis as well as a variety of water sports will keep your family occupied during the day, and there are classy restaurants, hip nightclubs for night-time entertainment, as well as the Bourganvilla Shopping Centre and a health club. The stunning two-mile stretch of golden-sand is a bonus.

Vale do Lobo, receiver of accolades such as “Best Resort of the Millennium”, and the Algarve’s largest leisure resort, has quality accommodation and diverse sporting facilities, including one of the largest tennis facilities in Portugal. Vale do Lobo, with its two (going on three) 18-hole championship courses, hosts around 100,000 golfers each year.

Vilamoura, twice the size of Vale do Lobo, has tennis courts, a riding school, fishing and shooting facilities, and indoor and outdoor sports complexes, as well as five golf courses. Amazing vessels are moored at the large marina, home to restaurants, cafes and shops. A surprisingly cosmopolitan nightlife consists of bars, clubs and restaurants.

Costa Del Sol
Costa del Sol offers variety both on and off the fairways, and the mild winters and beautiful springs and autumns are perfect for golf. There are around 20 courses, leisure areas, playgrounds and family attractions, as well as beaches and seaside promenades. Three excellent water parks are open from Easter for the summer season, with water slides, pools for all ages and abilities, as well as picnic areas and restaurants. At a number of nature parks you can see animals and enjoy educational programs. Selwo Aventura has over 2,000 wild animals and an unrivalled nature reserve, and Selwo Marina has exotic birds, an underwater observation centre, and dolphins. At the Benalmádena Sea Life Centre, an interactive underwater park, you can walk on the bottom of the sea and view thousands of aquatic species.

The Lisbon Coast
There are great golf courses here and the beaches are perfect for families. The scenery, magnificent with its small fishing bays and towering cliffs, and the superb local cuisine worth the trip alone. And nearby Lisbon, has all the diversity that a capital city can offer. Quinta da Marinha resort has leisure facilities including three salt-water outdoor swimming pools, a fitness centre with heated indoor swimming pool, six tennis courts and a tennis school, a Turkish bath, sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, massage room, bicycle hire, horse riding, and, last but not least, an 18-hole golf course.

Praia D’el Rey Marriott, just 60-minute drive from Lisbon airport, is a beachfront hotel with spacious family rooms, away from the tourist crush. The hotel has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a health club, Jacuzzi and tennis courts. Nearby Obidos, a charming hill town set within 14th-century castellated walls, is a perfect day trip destination. And the Praia d’el Rey golf course, one of Europe’s finest, is right on your doorstep.