In infancy, our eyes lack the ability to see clearly although we can distinguish shapes and shadows. As we eke on in our lives, our sight improves and we rely on our eyes to guide us through all of life. We sometimes forget to take good care of our eyes when we just leave them be and allow them to be exposed to pollution.

Unbeknownst to us, our eyes suffer the wrath of the outside world. Dust, pollution, foreign object and so many other factors cause constant damage to our eyes. Thankfully, they are sturdy and so we do not normally feel the damage.  But if you look closely, there will be scratches on the surface. Unseen by the naked eye, these scratches can cause bigger problems.


Let us therefore, learn to protect and care for our eyes. Wearing protective eyewear when we go out in the hot sun is one ideal example of protecting the eye. By doing so, we control the amount of light that permeates the eye and cause unneeded stress. Ever notice how dark things can be when you come indoors from a bright outdoor sun?

That’s the stress. Sometimes, it is even accompanied by slight pain as the eye catches up with the limited light indoors; it automatically controls the amount of light entering through the pupil. It is amazing how our bodies are engineered, every part anticipating the function of other parts. Aside from our eyes having the ability to protect them, a little goes a long way when we help. You can get eye enhancement from