A diet plan doesn’t always mean that you have to lose weight with it. Firstly, the meaning of the word “diet” as listed in Dictionary.com is a noun- “food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition and its effects on health.” Simply based on that, one has to consider his or her health when considering a diet.

Diet doesn’t mean you have to take the same foods for a certain period of time to lose weight. A person on a diet will be able to stick to it if the kinds of foods included in diet are easier to find, easier on the eye and seem more normal to eat than something from a hard and fast list of foods that are defined to be eaten at certain times of the day. It’s also easier to stick to a diet if one decides on the onset that this is the new way he or she will have to eat. One has to find the fun in it and enjoy each bite as one would eat a sizable meal.

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It is to be expected that the first few weeks will be the most difficult part. Our body adapts to the change it is undergoing and there are going to be quite quirky reactions and effects. But once the body settles down to its new eating pattern, it’s going to be a piece of cake. It will be second nature.

Is It Safe to Follow a Very Low Calorie Diet plan?

The common tendency of people is that they would rather find a solution to their problem quickly than safely. Weight gain continues to be an issue for many people out there and they are turning towards very low calorie diet plan for a solution. While this plan is very effective and probably the best way to lose weight, it is not safe to say that this plan is advisable for everyone.

When your body is used to burning more calories every day, it is not advisable to suddenly lower the amount of calorie as the metabolism slows down. A very low calorie diet plan is equal to starvation and when you do not give the body what it wants, you start to feel tired, depressed and sometimes even stressed. You might lose some weight initially but after a while you will go back to your regular diet and thereby start gaining weight back quickly.

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The important thing to understand here is that it does not matter how much you eat but what you eat does matter. It is a very bad idea to put your body through this kind of diet plan as it will only teach you that there is not shortcut for healthy weight loss.