What Men Want from Women: 5 Hot Needs of Your Spouse

Sometimes, relating with men could be difficult because of their psychological nature in terms of response to interpersonal relationships. This often reflects in the way they want things done in their love affairs, thus the need to know what men want from women.

As a woman, if you will ever be able to enjoy a sound relationship with men, you must know their innate desires. Knowing what men want from men is a love relationship with men.

To some extent, men do have the same desires and thoughts. However, when you consider the masculine nature, you would realize that there are common points in what men want from women.

So, the following tell of what men want from men, and they are what will make women who follow such things their favourites.

1. Love:

men want love. This is a basic need of men – the desire to be loved. They want affection. When he comes back from work, having had a hard time, he wants to rest in a woman’s arms. He wants to be the ‘child’ who seeks the loving care of his mother.

Soothe him with care. Touch him affectionately. Let him lie on the sofa with his head on your laps while you stroke his hair. Give him warmth. The more you show him love, the more you enjoy your relationship.

Men feel loved, connected and adored through sex… therefore, regular sex is essential

2. Character:

men want women of good personalities. No man can put up with an ill-mannered woman. Be well-behaved. Show adequate courtesy in your interactions with people. There are three things that should not be far from your speech as follow.

i. I’m sorry. Pardon me.
ii. Please
iii. Thank you
Build your character. Deal with your weaknesses.

3. Respect:

naturally, men have ego. Boost it with respect. Take him as the head; respect him. Men do not want women who are obsessed with the idea of gender equality. That often causes marital problems. Although you are mates in love, you should give him recognition and honour. He will reciprocate it.

4. Cleanliness:

be neat; be clean. Take good care of yourself. Bad odor in your body or in the home repels men. You will forfeit intimacy with him. Good personal hygiene is important. It is actually difficult for woman to keep her vagina clean than penis. Be careful while demanding cunnilingus or analingus.

5. Beauty:

this is a relative term since beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Generally, men like women who are attractive. If you take care of your body and dress well, you will be attracted to men. Be moderate in your appearance. Responsible, gentlemen who have marriage in mind wouldn’t vote for you if you dress almost nude. That suggests to them that you are likely going to be vulnerable to infidelity since you look seductive.

The above are just a few of what men want from women. They cannot be overemphasized. Many relationships have broken up because of the lack of knowledge of such things on the part of women.


Yes, that’s very important. You should not enquirer about his everyday activities. If you ask too much he may feel that you are ‘interrogating’ him. Men sometimes like to move away from concious world and get completely lost. This is typical male behavior and there is nothing abnormal in it. Just respect it…

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